This blog aims to educate and inform you about the wonders of safe sex, and might even have a few features about what to do and what not to do! There’ll be notes on how to have the best adventure with that special someone, or how to enjoy yourself as a free singleton. Sure being in a couple and being single both have their benefits and downsides, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Here’s a quick comparison between singledom and coupledom:


  1. You can do what you want, when you want.
  2. Sleep with whoever, whenever.
  3. Watch what you want on telly.
  4. Live in a much tidier house.
  5. Party like crazy with your mates all the time.
  6. Not have to suffer with visiting his/her parents.


  1. You can do the things you like and share them with someone.
  2. You have a human cushion to keep you comfy on nights in.
  3. Someone will always be there for you.
  4. Have intimate moments with that special someone.
  5. You’ll have a date when going to important events/gatherings.

There is a difference in approach when meeting someone new and when a relationship has become dull and boring. Firstly, not everyone appreciates being jumped on when you first meet them, even if they reciprocate your feelings of interest (although the odd one might). It’s usually best to suss out what the other person is thinking, but at the same time not to take things so slowly that they’ll think you’ve lost interest in them.


If your relationship has become dull and boring, there are tons of things to try and hundreds of ways to spice up your love life again. A dirty weekend away is good if you don’t have much time, or a long romantic holiday abroad with some fun in the sun is always a winner. Or if you’d rather stay at home, you can have some fun with some new sex toys, kinky bondage games or something like strip poker, where the anticipation of actually getting naked might just be the missing spark.  Even changing the routine of how you interact with each other and what you do when ‘getting down to it’ will put a fresh twist to things.


Men and women see and do things differently, so communication is important. Try to see things from their point of view once in a while,  listen if they have a problem and suggest something new from time to time.